Voice of Employees


Arpita Banerjee
GM, OC & I


It has only been few months, but the organisation has never made me feel that I am too new to be involved in its critical initiatives. The environment is very empowering and caring, which enables anyone to quickly adjust and settle down. Often I feel like that I have been a part of the team since long. One is never short of challenging assignments and its motivating to get the support whenever you need it. The learning curve is very steep as there are ample opportunities given to delve into different aspects of the work domain


Key Highlights:

BA (Psychology Hons) and Masters in PMIR (TISS).
Responsible for designing and deploying different key initiatives like leadership development, talent management, performance management, learning and development, employee engagement towards building organisation capability.
Mukesh Khandelwal Mukesh Savlani Abhijit Datar Jaya Abraham B R Jaju Akhil Jindal Arpita