Welspun City, a 2500 acre township set up in the heart of the barren lands of Anjar, Kutch in the state of Gujarat, is a prime example of continuous efforts to protect our environment with a strong emphasis on aforestation. Welspun City is in the process of transforming itself to one of the largest green belts in the area, with a veritable forest of about 500,000 trees.


Water Effluent Plant


We treasure the environment. In our efforts to make the lives of our employees not only fruitful, but also more safe and enriching, we have set up a Water Effluent Plant at Welspun City at Anjar. This plant recycles the water to be used for industrial and household purposes, thereby not only ensuring safety, but further security for our employees and society at large.




Plantation of Jatropha


The Jatropha plant is a drought resistant perennial and grows well in sandy and well-drained soil. Under our initiative to convert the desert area of Anjar in to a lush and more serene environment, we have undertaken an aforestation drive at Welspun City, planting thousands of saplings of the Jatropha tree. The Jatropha seeds have excellent oil content of 37% and the oil can be combusted as fuel for simple diesel engines.




Campaign on Energy Conservation


Energy Saved is Energy Produced, a month-long campaign on Energy Conservation was launched on 26th July 2008. The campaign focuses on generating energy-saving habits among each and every Welspunite. At the launch of the campaign, the hard-hitting movie, An Inconvenient Truth by Nobel Laureate, Mr. Al Gore was screened at Head Office besides our plants at Anjar and Vapi. The movie presents an eye opening and compelling view of the future of the planet and the civilization. A wake-up call that cuts through myths and misconceptions to deliver the message that global warming is real and present danger. Further each screening was followed by an informal discussion, where the viewers shared their experiences, knowledge, suggestions and observations. The discussion forum reveals several feasible ways to save energy. Handouts on various tips to save energy at work, at home and on the road were distributed to the participants. This tiny step towards sensitization on energy conservation was so well received by everyone that it has encouraged us to undertake more activities under the banner of 'Energy Saved is Energy Produced'.





Bombay Natural History Society: (Hornbill Club Project) at Salav, Alibaug, Maharashtra.

Hornbill Club Project on Environment and Conservation programme initiated in Welspun Vidya Mandir Salav, programme covering around four hundred and Ninety Students from std 5th to 8th and 15 teachers.