At Welspun, technology is a key differentiator, and plays a vital role in helping us create world class products and emerge as global market leaders in many of our businesses. Innovations in technology help bring the product of minds and imagination to the broadest audience across the globe. We deploy the best available technology in our diversified business to improve the quality of life - both our employees as well as our customers.

Besides Production Technology, Information Technology also constitutes one of the thrust areas of the Welspun Group. Welspun has always sought to harness the benefits of Information Technology and has envisioned using this tool in all areas of business to build unique competencies and efficiencies, thus delivering maximum value to our stakeholders.

The Group has implemented SAP R/3 solutions across its operations. The state-of-the-art communication setup consisting of voice, data and video conferencing has been put in place to strengthen its competitive edge.

The power of IT has been further leveraged by using reverse auction and forward auction tools developed in-house for procurement of goods and services.