EDI & RFID in Welspun USA.
SAP R/3 - Integrates operations, marketing supply chain.
Reverse auction HNS.
Welspun is a leading practitioner of safety and has received the safety certification of OHSAS - 18001 (HSE) and the ISO 14001 for environment consciousness.
Preserving the ecological balance - Effluent treatment plants and the Waste dispersal plants located in and around Welspun City.
Integration with Customers Market Intelligence: Conducts Grid analysis of top retailers with respect to Product range.
Ongoing Market Research for evaluation of:
Fast Moving Items, Best selling SKUs
Profit margin expectation
Collection of Samples to understand global developments

Six Sigma, (the metric for measuring defects and improving quality, and a methodology to reduce defect levels below 3.4 defects per (one) million opportunities) has become an element of many T.Q.M initiatives at Welspun.