Message from Chairman
Dear Friends,
Welspun is one of the many success stories that have emerged in India over the last two decades, benefiting from the economic liberalisation policies implemented by the government and at the same time contributing significantly to the India growth story.
It has not been a smooth or easy journey, but it has definitely been a challenging and interesting one. We have scaled new peaks, conquered new frontiers, stretched our innovative abilities to the maximum…. and each and every time, we have emerged stronger and better equipped for the next phase of growth.
The actual story of our journey from a small player that entered the textile business in 1985, to a globally recognised force in the pipes and home textile industries has been captured elsewhere on this site. The many businesses that have been spawned as a result of this process, the economic achievements, the ever expanding manufacturing network have all been presented in appropriate detail.
There has been one underlying theme that runs through all of these achievements – our spirit and our attitude that no problem is too difficult to be solved, no challenge too complex to be tackled. At every stage of the journey this attitude of “Dare to Commit” has inspired and driven us forward. It is the very ethos of being a Welspunite, it is the essence of the force that propels us forward.
Looking ahead, we can see that there will certainly be challenging times. Times when the larger economic problems of the global economy seem like huge obstacles. Those are times when we would have to regroup our forces, grit our teeth and struggle to move ahead. But there will also be good times. Times when new economic opportunities present themselves. Times when there is change and a forward looking momentum, and hope is in the air. In those times, we must soar, not walk, race ahead and not be content with running.
Yet in both the good times and the bad, we must never lose sight of the fact that, ultimately, attitude is everything. Along with the vision to reach new heights, it is the spirit that will actually take us there.
Which is why we have focused our revamped website on this attitude, our spirit of “Dare to Commit”. May it continue to be the guiding light of our Group for many years to come.
  B K Goenka