CSR Philosophy
Socially responsible and ethical business practices are the defining tenets of Welspun's corporate philosophy. In everything we do there is a strong commitment to wider, all-round social progress, as well as to a sustainable development that balances the needs of the present with those of the future.
The Group's social vision has been enshrined in the three E's which have become the Guiding Principles of our CSR initiatives - Education, Empowerment & Health, and Environment and a number of projects have been taken up under the banner of the Welspun Foundation for Health and Knowledge (WFHK).
WFHK is an essential part of the Group's set up, and is active wherever we have a business presence. Through it we engage with local stakeholders, and in a process that is both consultative and collaborative, we have taken up a range of innovative programmes in the spheres of health, education, environment, as well as cultural and civic projects over the last few years.
Local Stakeholder Engagement is extremely important and in most of our project centres we have successfully managed to integrate with and develop mutually beneficial relationships with them by supporting innovative programmes in health, education, environment, as well as cultural and civic projects. We take utmost care to integrate community investment considerations into decision-making and business practices and assist in local capacity building to develop mutually beneficial relationships with communities.

She Is Life


What does the book stand for?

The book is a compilation of real life stories of women who have come forward to be empowered. Women who have overcome challenges and embraced change, to reclaim their lives and shape their own destinies. They are the extraordinary examples, the indisputable proof, that progress will come to those with the purpose, the passion and the persistence to achieve it. It is these stories that form the warp and weft of the very fabric of Kutch.

What message does it convey?

The book is a demonstration of the fact that when you empower a woman, you give her a better her life. When you empower a woman, you create a stronger society. When you empower a woman, you build a greater nation. Indeed, the unsung heroines featured in this book are now encouraging their families, communities and the people of Kutch to follow their path to a prosperous and progressive future. Welspun fully supports this with a long term, holistic corporate social responsibility vision and by investing time, money and effort towards the empowerment of women.