CSR Awards

India Shining Star CSR Awards - 2011


Corporate India and nonprofit organisations emphasised the need for Public Private Partnerships, capacity development and sustainable development at the Wockhardt Foundation’s first ‘CSR Thought Leadership Conclave’ 2011. Industry leaders emphasised the need for focusing on social development for economic growth Minister for Minority Affairs and Water Resources Salman Kursheed calls for more corporate effective participation to drive social growth Dalai Lama calls for social and rural development in his inaugural speech, at the conclave. Key note speaker Prof. Muhammad Yunus states: ‘Investment in social business is the foundation for the wheels of growth and it should be driven by the people’, and for the people. Veteran Marathi Social activitist Sindhutai Sapkal honoured with the Wockhardt Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award 2010


Earth Care Awards – Times of India and Jindal Steel Ltd. - 2008


WELSPUN received the 1st runner up award for reduction in emission and mitigation of Greenhouse gasses for a cleaner and more environment friendly project in 2004. It went in for a fuel changeover, switching from heavy fuel oil to natural gas in its electricity and steam generation projects. Under this, a 5.9 MW gas turbine with waste heat recovery system was installed. It increased the system efficiency to about 70% from the usual 42% and lowered fuel consumption, leading to a reduction in GHG emissions and conservation of energy


Social Corporate Governance Award -2008


Welspun amongst the top 38 Corporate Houses . The award which has been instituted by Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, Nasscom Foundation and Times Foundation recognises and honours organisations for their contribution to society


Sustainability Award –Wal Mart Stores Inc. -2007


Welspun won the Sustainability award, instituted by Wal-Mart for taking environmental protection to new levels, adhering to Wal-Mart's Standards for Suppliers, as well as for the quality of goods manufactured and the company’s commitment to on-time delivery.